OSI Fax Server Package

A Fax Server saves you time and money by streamlining the way you send, receive and manage fax documents. A single fax server can replace several, if not all, of your existing legacy fax machines. Incoming faxes are captured by the fax server, converted into digital images and routed to the recipient’s desktop. No more paper jams, missing pages, “out of ink” messages or waiting by the fax machine for urgent or confidential documents. You can manage your fax documents quickly and easily, at your own desktop.

  • Save Time
    • Incoming and outgoing faxes are quickly distributed to and from your desktop computer
    • Eliminate all of the manual steps of hardcopy faxing – printing, faxing, waiting
    • Just prepare the document on your PC and send

  • Improve Workflow
    • View, print, annotate, save, delete or forward faxes from the desktop
    • You can receive and view faxes from your email
    • Send multiple recipient faxes with the same effort as sending a single fax

  • Automate Fax Management
    • Create transmission reports on inbound and outbound fax activity.
    • Send unlimited fax resends to busy numbers and notify users when faxes have been sent or received

  • Simplify Document Storage
    • Store recent faxes in a convenient central repository
    • Reduce paper management and lost document issues

  • Free-up or eliminate Phone Lines
    • Queue and send your outbound faxes with fewer phone lines than fax machines require for the same fax volume

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