OSI Network Security Assessment Page

Network security is complex. Security risks to your network are real. Reliable security and network controls are essential. At OSI we specialize in network and data security.

We offer a comprehensive Network Security Assessment. This is a one time, in-depth analysis of your network’s current security environment. We provide a detailed summary of any changes required to protect your business from malicious or accidental security disasters.

The OSI Network Security Assessment will:
  • Identify business process needs and related gaps in security
  • Outline your business process environment
  • Identify the potential business impacts of accidental and malicious events
  • Assess the infrastructure security: standards, firewall, router, wired and wireless access points, server, security settings, exception handling, user account settings and management
  • Evaluate your organization (policies, individual responsibility, standard operating procedures, documentation and training)
  • Provide a summary of monitoring, intrusion detection and documentation
  • Review of security testing, regulatory compliance and maintenance, auditing and control processes
  • Analyze your existing business continuity plan and recovery testing measures

For more information on the OSI Network Support Package call OSI Technologies 1.800.757.7471 or email us at info@ositechnologies.com