OSI Small Business Server Package

Technology investments are a critical business performance component, but they allow little margin for error. Your IT solutions must support your business processes, seamlessly improve your operations and provide a financial advantage over your competition. The OSI Small Business Server Package can help you to improve operations and financial performance.

OSI Technologies uses its expertise and Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2003 to create an unbeatable IT solution for small businesses. The resulting package offers small businesses Fortune 500 capabilities such as email, data management and collaboration, at an affordable price. OSI Technologies will set up a small business server for your business that will:

Improve your business performance:
  • Improve the speed and efficiencies of back office processes
  • Use your Internet browser to share files and schedules
  • Prevent data loss with robust back up procedures
  • Run business applications in a controlled and cost-effective environment

Secure your data:
  • Simplify security settings while improving your network defenses
  • Secure your server with internal and external firewalls
  • Allow your designated users to securely access your servers using the Internet

Reduce your support costs:
  • Enjoy the benefits of a stable, capable, fully functional server
  • Complete testing and fixes remotely and securely during non-peak hours

Maximize your return on investment:
  • Evolve your existing technology to support your business
  • Leverage industry standards to increase functionality and support options

For more information on the OSI Network Support Package call OSI Technologies 1.800.757.7471 or email us at info@ositechnologies.com